Class BB - Year 3

Hello and Welcome
Year 3 at Work
Year 3 have, so far this year, enjoyed a whole range of work. Here is an extended sample of our classwork.
Here is a selection of our Stone Age houses that we created for homework.
The teachers in all the classes have put together a document with lots of ideas and suggestions that will help you to support your child with their punctuation and grammar.
Curriculum Topics
  • Autumn 1 - Take One Author
  • Autumn 2 - Something Special
  • Spring 1 - Step back in time
  • Spring 2 - Let's investigate
  • Summer term - It's a wonderful world.

Water bottles

It would be much appreciated if you could send your child to school with a named drink bottle for water. The sports lid type of bottle is the most suitable.

Far field

We will be going to the far field every Wednesday afternoon during the first half of the autumn term. The children will need to come to school in their uniform and they will change into their forest school clothes in the afternoon session. I will tell them in advance, if we will not be going to the forest school on that particular week.


P.E. lessons

We have P.E. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It would be useful if the children could leave their PE kit in school as our sessions may be altered sometimes. Please also send your child with clothing that is suitable for outdoor wear e.g. track suits or jogging bottoms and sweatshirts. Also, if the girls come into school in tights, then they will need socks for their PE lesson.


Each Monday Mr Vaughan will do a timed tables test with the children. 
Each child will have their named frog on the lily pad that corresponds with the tables that the child is learning for that particular week. The frogs and lily pads are in the cloakroom.