School Matters- March 16 extra News

16th March 2018

Mrs Turner reminds all children who go to Code Club that it has finished for this term so there will be no code club next Tuesday or the Tuesday after.


Pirate Lunch is next Thursday. It is available to all children who normally have school dinners. Packed lunch children can have the Pirate Lunch for the usual cost of £2.25 by booking online. 


Mrs Bradley writes:

Dear Parents,

Over the course of this term the children have enjoyed learning about the Stone Age.  To conclude this area of the topic (still the Bronze Age & Iron Age to go!) we are having a Stone Age day on Tuesday 27th March.  The day will be based around the learning that has already taken place with a few extra fun activities.  To add to the experience the children would like to come into school dressed as a Stone Age person/child. To keep cost low I am asking that the pupils come dressed in brown or if they prefer below I have put some ideas!

From 2.45pm on Tuesday 27th March you are invited to come into our class, where you will have the opportunity to see the fantastic work the children have produced.

Kind regards, Mrs Bradley



We are looking for two parents to help with the moderation of a closed Facebook group. The intention is to share important information and communications with parents. This will complement the website and the Letters Home emails. If you are interested in helping with this, please have a word with Mr Vaughan.

Sports Relief takes place on March 23rd. Children are being invited to dress up in Sports gear for the day. Sport Relief recommend a donation of £1 or upwards!