Sport at Newton Poppleford

At the moment Years 3-6 go down to the Recreation ground in the village every Wednesday afternoon. More information about Newton Poppleford Sports coming soon.
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Cross-Country @ Sidford
On 16th October 2017, I went to cross-country. When the person who set it up [Mr. Weir from Sidmouth Primary School] told us to get ready, I dashed to the line hoping to get a good spot. When we started, I sprinted off the line and slowly I made myself a big lead. I was now on the second field and felt like stopping, but I kept going. I got to the final straight and I sprinted as if it was for my life! Finally I got to the end and I won.
Oscar (Y4)
It was a Monday afternoon on 16th October 2017, when it all started. There were lots of different schools taking part in the race. First, we all walked through the route we were to run - and then it was time for racing. Years 5 and 6 went first and they did really well. Then it was our turn. I set off slowly, but I gradually got faster and faster. I got really tired. In total surprise, I came third out of all the girls!
Scarlet (Y4)