Adventure Island

The Magic Phone

In Adventure Island this week we all had a surprise when we discovered The Magic Phone! Chirp, who is the gate keeper of Adventure Island and a small blackbird, told us that ‘Riddle Diddle’ had left it for us. We worked out the magic number then rang Riddle Diddle straight away to find out what was going on!

Riddle Diddle told us that somebody had hidden something for us in Adventure Island. Each class had different challenges they had to complete before Riddle Diddle gave clues to find the hidden gift from… the Minpins!

Pre-school and Reception children sang nursery rhymes then found a tin of googly eyes to create new characters in Adventure Island. Well, what fun was had! See the photos to meet some of our new characters.

Year 3 spent time making improvements to the entrance of The Magic Tree and apparently the Minpins are thrilled with the results.  

It has been such fun getting to know Adventure Island and we can’t wait to see what we will discover in the coming weeks! 

The Minpins

This week we discovered the ‘Minpins’ (tiny little people) living inside ‘The Magic Tree’. It happened when Pre-School children were exploring Adventure Island on Monday. We all heard a strange whispering sound and felt a magical pull which lead us to one of the large trees. 

There we found a note from the Minpins asking for our help. It turned out those pesky goblins had cast a spell on The Magic Tree, trapping the Minpins inside! We had to go on a quest to find the secret password that would break the spell. 

Using excellent counting skills to unearth clues that were hidden around Adventure Island we eventually found a special tin which had the pass words ‘bish bash bosh’ inside.

We rushed back to The Magic Tree, shouted out the words, then watched as the very grateful Minpins came flooding out! What a busy morning! As the week progressed it became clear the goblins were up to their tricks again as every class had different clues to solve to free the Minpins once again.

Year 2 are particularly excited to discover the Minpins on our doorstep as they are currently reading ‘Billy and the Minpins’ by Roald Dahl, what a happy coincidence!

All classes had a lovely surprise on World Mental Health Day, a very special note from the Minpins.

Also something else you should know. We believe the large tractor tyres that mysteriously turned up on the playground may have come from the goblin factory, it makes you wonder what kind of vehicles they are making in there?! 

The Symbol of Doom

This week we discovered the ‘Symbol of Doom’ scrawled all over the bat house (UH OH!). We were eager to find out what was going on because there were other tell-tale signs that things were amiss; the most noteworthy being a large fallen tree!

The Bog Babies soon told us that a horde of goblins moved into Adventure Island at the weekend. They were riding a dragon which lost control in the strong winds and crash landed into the tree! They have been causing mischief and mayhem ever since.

The Bog Babies explained that the goblins have put magic spells on the bats that live in the bat house and now they ride about on them at night. They have also turned the bat house into ‘The Goblin Factory’. The Bog Babies have no idea what they get up to in there but at night they hear all sorts of machines whirring and loud bangs and clangs. It’s all very mysterious and we are hoping to learn more over the coming weeks.

Year 3 did their best to lure the goblins out with apples and berries but saw no sign of them, however, the next day they had received a letter of thanks, for the apples, from the goblins themselves! Year 3 were quick to spot that the goblins need to work on their spellings and were able to correct the errors made.

The children have enjoyed building a variety of structures in Adventure Island and we would really appreciate some more building materials. If you have any of the following that you can donate to school it would be really appreciated.

  • Milk bottle crates or other sturdy plastic crates
  • Decking boards or planks
  • Tyres
  • Pallets
  • Traffic cones

Thank you!!

Playing with the Bog Babies!

Children have been having a brilliant time this week getting to know our Bog Babies and Adventure Island is proving to be a truly magical place!

We have had great fun using Bog Baby Detectors (large sticks that ‘BEEP’ when a Bog Baby is beneath them) to scan the ground then follow the Bog Babies, who it turns out, are incredibly speedy! Some of us were down in Adventure Island when the Bog Baby Bus drove underneath us which meant we all had to get our feet off the floor! It was a bit hairy at times but luckily, we all made it safely out of the way.

Probably the best bit was discovering the Bog Baby Phones (traffic cones would you believe!). Lots of us had chats with a Bog Baby and in Pre-School they led us on a treasure hunt. We had to count the number of spots on each clue and in the end, we found a special tin which had a tiny pinecone, a toy cat and a very pretty little shell; gifts from the Bog Babies!

Here are some photos of Pre-School children down in Adventure Island and there is also a picture that captured the moment Year 6 children and Mr Long received messages from the Bog Babies out on the playground! The magic is starting to spread!

An Exciting Discovery – The Bog Babies!

On Monday 14th September, Pre-School children went to Adventure Island and stumbled across a line of branches that led to the pond. We soon discovered a family of Bog Babies!

Bog Babies are small, brown and fluffy and they live under the ground. They often follow pathways of branches which mark where their little tunnels are so if any of them get lost (when they come up out of the ground) they can follow the road of branches back to their home – The Swamp Bog (previously known as the pond).

They are noisy little creatures and they make a humming sound, we tried humming to see if a Bog Baby would come out, Kelly thinks she saw one waving from behind a bush but it disappeared very quickly, so she didn’t manage to get a photo. If you get down and put your ear to the ground you may hear one scuttling about beneath you!

Bog Babies get underground through bogs or sometimes under large trees and apparently, they live under the ground all around East Devon so if you put your ear to the ground and start to hum you may get to see or hear one in your garden or out on a walk in the woods!

Here we are following the pathway of branches then searching for Bog Babies in the Bog Swamp.

As the week progressed many other children visited Adventure Island and also heard the Bog Babies! It would be brilliant if children could bring a big stick into school to leave on the field by the entrance because who knows? Maybe the Bog Babies will want to tunnel beneath the school grounds and they will need some pathways to follow!