Forms & Letters

Paper copies of any of these forms can be obtained from the School Office. However, we would ask you, if possible, to download and print out any of these forms whenever you need to make use of them.
S11/1 Data Collection on Admission to School: Pupil Information
This form is for completion by the Parent/Guardian of every child once they have been given a place at the school.
When appropriate, please download, print it out, fill it in and return it to school.
Consent Form for Trips
This combined consent form is a generic consent form for a variety of school trips. We will always notify parents in advance of any pending trips.
Consent Form for Photographs and Media
Please fill in this form to cover your permission regarding the use of photographs on the school and other websites, school publications and the local and national press
Consent can be withdrawn/amended at any time by re-submitting the forms.
Absence Request Form
The S2 Absence Request Form needs to be filled in whenever your child is planned to be missing school for such examples as a dentist or a hospital appointment.
Medicine Form
This form informs us of parental agreement for the school to administer medicine.
Change of Address or Contact Details Form
Whenever a child has a change of address or the contact details need to be updated this form should be used.