Reception Class 2020-2021

Welcome back to Barn Owls


We can't wait to welcome everyone back on the 8th March -

Our classroom hasn't quite been the same without the 30 happy, chatty children in it! 

We have come back after half term and are enjoying looking at Pirates and discovering lots about them as part of the whole school Design & Technology focus.

We had a lovely discussion about what the children would like to do and they have come up with making treasure boxes, maps, flags, create a pirate village, make a ship so they can walk the plank, do some baking to make pirate cookies and have a pirate party with games and of course food! Can't think of a better way to celebrate the end of this long term with a party!

Please see our information to 'parents leaflet' with how our reception class runs.

We follow Letters and Sounds for our phonics programme through the year and teach the phonemes/graphemes to the children through this programme. The children have 'net words' to learn the 100 most common and tricky words. They take a magnetic game home to practice spelling some of these words too. The children have their reading books changed 3 times a week and move through the colour banded scheme with books matched to the phonics we are teaching. 

Maths is taught practically wherever possible and we follow White Rose Maths for this. 

We are enjoying our 'play projects' each week and are starting a drawing club after Easter after being inspired by Greg Bottrill author of 'Can I go and Play Now' and 'School and the Magic of Children.' Our classroom has a cosy club, message centre, creation station, land of possibilities, tinker table and carpet kingdom. We encourage the children to investigate, explore & discover and they enjoy the freedom to move around the classroom and outside in our lovely outdoor area that we share with the pre-school. 

The children visit Adventure Island every Wednesday afternoon  and love meeting all the characters that live there, Riddle Diddle, The Min Pins, Bog Babies, Smeech and the naughty Goblins who get up to mischief. We also have a raised bed to plant some vegetables in and hopefully will see the fruits of our labour!

'Children are capable. Every day they show us a magic door. We just need the faith to step through it.'

Mary Raffell - Class teacher

Sue Dance - full time teaching assistant

Ellie Tye - teaching assistant (mornings only)

Here are 2 videos from Mrs Raffell.
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