Barn Owls Reception Class 2022 - 2023

Welcome to Barn Owls

Autumn Term 2022

We look forward to seeing you in September. Term starts on 5th September at 8.55 am and due to our staggered start during the first week, children will stay until 11.50 am. Please pick up your child from outside our classroom.

On the week of 12th September to 16th September, children will stay for lunch and can be collected at 12.30 pm.

From 19th September onwards, children will be in for the full day with pick-up at 3.10 pm.

Our general routine for the day will be:

Every day when the children arrive at 8.55am, they self register and then get straight on with a Funky Finger activity - dough disco, practising using scissors, a big draw, threading, using tweezers etc etc. Something different every day!  Once everyone has arrived, we sit in Carpet Kingdom where we follow Letters and Sounds for our phonics programme and teach the phonemes/graphemes to the children through this programme. I intend to hold a 'phonics evening' for parents on Tuesday 27th September at 6.30pm, in the classroom; more details to follow in September, but please reserve the date.

Autumn Term we teach Phase 2, Spring Term Phase 3 and Summer Term Phase 4. The children take home a reading book every day which is changed 3 times a week which is matched to the phonics that is being taught. Alongside the reading book the children have 'net words' to learn the 100 most common and tricky words. They take a magnetic game home to practice spelling some of these words too which are changed weekly.

Maths is taught practically wherever possible and we follow White Rose Maths for this. 

We will start to explore 'play projects' after being inspired by Greg Bottrill author of 'Can I Go and Play Now' and 'School and the Magic of Children.' Later in the year we will take part in Drawing Club - which is great fun and we get to learn some amazing words and discover stories, animations and traditional tales.

Our classroom has a cosy club, message centre, creation station, land of possibilities, tinker table and carpet kingdom. We encourage the children to investigate, explore & discover and they enjoy the freedom to move around the classroom and outside in our lovely outdoor area that we share with the pre-school. 

The children visit Adventure Island every Wednesday afternoon and love meeting all the characters that live there, Riddle Diddle, The Min Pins, Bog Babies, Smeech and the naughty Goblins who get up to mischief. We also have a raised bed to plant some vegetables in and hopefully will see the fruits of our labour!

'Children are capable. Every day they show us a magic door. We just need the faith to step through it.'

Mary Raffell - Class teacher

The slides and info. leaflet from the New Parents Evening are available to download as a pdf. 
Please feel free to download the Phonics Leaflet intended for parents of new children in Reception Class.