Twilight and Breakfast Club General Information and Charges

Twilight Club

Breakfast & Twilight sessions will take place in the school library unless otherwise notified.

Our Twilight Club and Breakfast Clubs operate as a self-funding, non-profit making, extended service primarily to assist working parents.

Our charges represent excellent value for money, especially as we are aware of other schools charging significantly more for the equivalent.

Twilight Club is open each day from 3.15 – 5.00.

Our charging structure for this facility is available here on the school website. Payment can currently be made via the School Gateway online payment facility. (Details are available on the School Website). Payment can also be made by cash or cheques (payable to Devon County Council). The preferred method of payment is via the School Gateway.

We specifically request that places are booked and paid for by 9am each Monday morning for the coming week – so that adequate staffing and refreshments can be provided. The preferred method of booking sessions is by email to the school office on You are also welcome to call in first thing Monday morning (see below).

If paying online, please can you ensure that this is done Sunday evening or early Monday morning.  It is essential that all bookings and payments are in school before 9am Monday.

Parents are welcome to book and pay for a whole term at a time.

Whilst at Twilight Club all children will be provided with a drink (water or juice) and a small snack (usually toast, biscuits and/or fruit).

If you have booked a place at Twilight club and then realise that the place is no longer required, please notify us at the earliest opportunity. Places missed due to a child’s illness are always credited – as long as parents have informed the School Office of this reason. ‘No shows’ are unlikely to be credited.

If your child is booked in until 5.00pm and you are late collecting, you will be charged a late collection fee.

Children attending another after school club (e.g. netball/Zumba) are able to go into twilight club afterwards if required – places should be booked in the usual way with the same charges applying.

The Twilight room telephone number is 07513269489 – please use this number if you are calling about anything to do with Twilight Club after 3.15pm. Before 3.15pm please phone the school number: 01395 568300.

Whilst at Twilight Club children will have the opportunity to do any homework, reading and play games. When the weather is fine they may also be able to play on the school field or playground when sports clubs are not taking place.


Breakfast Club

Opens at 8.00am each school morning, and is aimed at helping working parents get to work on time!

Children will remain in the care of the member of staff on Breakfast Club duty until 8.45am, (i.e. School gates official opening time), after which they will be able to go to their cloakrooms and drop off coats and bags, ready for the start of the day.

Places should be booked at the latest by first thing on a Monday morning as per Twilight Club and the cost includes breakfast – charges are on the school website as above.

If you need to contact the school during Breakfast Club opening times (i.e. 8.00-8.40am) please use the Twilight room telephone number 07513269489.

We must request that children are not dropped off before 8.00am and left unsupervised –i.e the member of school staff supervising breakfast club must be present before parents leave.


Twilight and Breakfast Club charges

Here is the pricing structure for the use of our Breakfast and Twilight Clubs:

Breakfast Club:

1st Child - £3.00

2nd Child - £2.50

3rd & subsequent child/children - £2.00

Twilight Club until 5 pm:

1st Child - £5.00

2nd Child - £4.50

3rd & subsequent child/children - £4.00

Breakfast and Twilight clubs are an extended service of the school and as such charges are set only to cover our costs. If you have any queries regarding Breakfast or Twilight Clubs please speak to a member of the School Office staff.