Bad Weather Plan

This page gives details of emergency arrangements in place in the event of severe bad weather.

How to find out if the School is closed after a night or weekend of severe weather, or whether it is remaining closed:

  1. We will post important information on the front page of our website, usually by 7:30am. Please contact as many other friends and parents as possible once you have seen the message to aid communication.
  2. A text message will be sent out to parents via eSchools, our school communication service.
  3. Listen to the Radio announcements on: Heart FM Exeter 97.0  /  103 BBC Devon FM 95.8, 103.4 

 What to do if weather conditions are poor but the School is not closed:

  1. If there is a risk that your child may not be able to get back home at the end of the day (eg, you live in an isolated location, and/or depend on public transport), stay at home.
  2. Students who can safely walk to school should do so. A programme will be run according to staff availability.

Closure of the School during the working day:
Occasionally, if the weather deteriorates during the day, we may decide to send students and staff home early while roads are still passable. Every effort will be made to inform parents that students are being sent home early. This will be done by a text message sent via eSchools.

Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed with adequate clothing and sensible footwear.