Newton Poppleford Curriculum

Welcome to the Newton Poppleford Primary School Curriculum pages.

Our curriculum is designed to promote children’s independence and confidence in learning. An inclusive and diverse curriculum, we target the knowledge we believe is vital for children to leave school as well informed, globally aware citizens. The curriculum at Newton Poppleford prepares children so they are ready to embrace their next step in education.  We foster a passion to improve both their own life chances and impact positively with their actions.

Our curriculum is sequenced to build on what has come before. We have adopted an approach that maintains the discrete subject areas as set out in the National Curriculum while mapping learning experiences, knowledge, understanding and skills so that they are sequenced and woven together. This enables pupils to develop a deep understanding both within and between subjects. We recognise that each subject is powerful in its own right. Our curriculum carefully builds children’s understanding of both disciplinary and substantive knowledge that is distinct to that subject.  

Curriculum Map 2023 - 2024

A progressive curriculum, we ensure that sequences build on previous learning and we are explicit in teaching where it fits in with the bigger picture. By activating prior knowledge, we ensure children build schema (long term memory) over time. For example: in sequencing our history units, we have ensured historical understanding begins in Reception, where children develop a knowledge of their locality and personal experience. In key stage 1 children begin by looking at the concept of history related to them and move to looking at significant individuals beyond living memory. British history is taught chronologically in KS2 beginning with the Stone Age to Iron Age. Throughout, links are made to world history (such as where the Egyptian period overlaps with Stone Age - Iron age Britain) so that children build chronological understanding in a world context. We then revisit and build on this knowledge with later units such as The Romans or Victorians later in KS2. 

We have ensured our curriculum establishes a rigorous knowledge base and a love of learning that translates into adult life. Curriculum progression is based on clearly sequenced learning blocks that focuses on key knowledge. This builds a contextual understanding of key individuals and achievements that impact us as global citizens today. We feel that by focusing on thematic units rooted in science, and the humanities, we are able to include the best of human achievements. This coherent, cogent and interwoven curriculum enables us to inspire and motivate our children to be aspirant.

We have grounded our mapping and sequencing in evidence of how children learn and have utilised research on how knowledge can be learned and retained over the long term - particularly focusing on cognitive science. This evidence-engaged approach is a feature of everything we do. In summer 2, we draw together the learning and encourage pupils to be advocates. For Example: In year 6, we culminate in “World Trade, Global Farming and Citizenship”. Across the school, these units focus on our role as responsible citizens and how our thoughts, beliefs and actions are vital for the betterment of ourselves and the world around us.

In the class pages section, you will find the current curriculum overviews that give information from your child’s teacher on the content of this term's learning. Curriculum elements found in our overviews enable us to set clear end-points and enable teachers to plan effectively for a rich and diverse curriculum offer.

We are confident that our approach delivers a truly broad and balanced curriculum that enables pupils to take the next step in their education with confidence. We would invite you to please discover our curriculum in more details on the pages that are attached to this one. Developed by each subject leader, you will find information on all of our subject areas through the links on this page.