Year 3 - Kestrels

This term the children will be learning all about:

Ancient Egypt

On the overview you will find the different subject areas we will be studying and the curriculum elements we will be including. This shows you the overarching subject content that they will be learning as well as the main learning enquiry questions the children will be answering linked to their theme.

This year you will also see that each term we have given spellings and two texts that we recommend you read with your children. These texts have been chosen as they make important thematic or knowledge - based links to the unit and will form part of the school’s reading spine that we are currently developing (a reading spine is the books that we recommend children read or have access to across their schooling). The spellings follow the National Curriculum and are linked to the spelling pattern or key words to each year group. We would ask that you take time to practice these with your children each week.

As we start swimming on Friday 26th April, there will no longer be PE on a Thursday. Please can children come to school in uniform on both days.  After the half term break, PE on a Thursday will resume.

Forest School Day: Wednesday

Please can you ensure the children come equipped with the appropriate clothing on these days. The school is asking that on PE days children ensure they wear the appropriate PE kit as per the school uniform guidelines.

Newton Poppleford Primary School - Uniform (

We would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that badges with the school logo, which can be sewn or ironed on to items of clothing, are available to purchase from the school office.

You can also find the suggested kit list for Forest School and a message from Mrs Dowsing below:

 Forest School is all about getting children outside and exploring nature, whatever the weather, so it is important children wear appropriate clothing. Children need a pair of named welly boots in school every day. They also need a change of clothes (top, trousers and socks) in a named bag that can stay on their peg.

On Forest School days children should wear comfortable clothes that are ok to get muddy. They also need to have their arms and legs covered due to the risk of ticks, so on warm days they can bring long sleeves and trousers to change into. Children must have a waterproof coat and waterproof trousers and as it gets colder, they will also need warm layers, a woolly hat and gloves.

You will also find on the overview information about the planned trips/visits and enrichment for the term. We hope that you find the information useful and we are happy to talk through any aspects.

Thanks everyone,

The Year 3 Class Kestrels

Mrs. Singfield  and Mrs. Laureys

Please note swimming lessons in year 3 will take place on a Friday after the Easter holidays.
Year 3 River Otter Trip!
Year Three had a fantastic trip to the River Otter as part of Sidmouth Science Week. We went ‘river dipping’ and found lots of interesting creatures and some fish. Everyone enjoyed splashing about in the river and getting rather wet! Our second activity was bug hunting. The children were fantastic at finding a range of bugs and a huge number of different spiders.
Year 3 Dancing Through Charcoal! 
Year Three did an amazing piece of performance art for their families before half term.  We have been studying 'Gestural Drawing' using charcoal and chalk in art.  For our final lesson, we put on a performance, where the children created some fantastic artwork.  They all really enjoyed the process, particularly getting covered from head to toe in charcoal!  A huge thank you to all the families that came to watch them.