Consent, Forms & Letters

Generic Consent forms 
Consent Form for Trips
This combined consent form is a generic consent form for a variety of school trips. We will always notify parents in advance of any pending trips. 
Generic Consent Form for Photographs and (Non-social) Media
Please fill in this form to cover your permission regarding the use of photographs (unnamed) in our school newsletter, on our website, in school publications and the local and national press. 
Consent Form for Social Media (School Facebook page)
Facebook is a dynamic way of keeping our community in touch with what is happening in our school on a day to day basis. No children will be named unless we expressly seek your consent.
Consent Form for Tapestry (Preschool & Reception Class only)
Tapestry is an online learning journey keeping parents up to date with their child's experiences, development and learning.  
Parents may amend/withdraw consent to any of the above by re-submitting the forms.
Paper copies of any of these forms can be obtained from the School Office. However, we would ask you, if possible, to download and print out any of these forms whenever you need to make use of them.
Change of Address, Contact Details or Medical Form
If your or your child's details change in any way, please use this form. You can update email addresses, phone numbers, addresses as well as medical details including allergies and change of medical practice
Please email the changes on the form to
Absence Request Form 
This form is to be filled in in advance. The S2 Absence Request Form is required whenever a parent plans to take a child out of school for any 'non-medical' absence during term time, including funerals, holiday and music exams. A school is able to authorise requests where 'exceptional circumstances' apply.
If your child is due to be absent for a medical appointment, please notify the school office in advance on with full details of the appointment, when it will be held, where and its duration. If you are collecting your child during the school day, please stipulate at which time you will collect your child. If you are dropping your child back before lunch, please indicate whether you will provide lunch or whether they will need a school meal.
Medicine Form
This form informs us of parental agreement for the school to administer medicine.
S11/1 & 2 Data Collection on Admission to School: Pupil Information & Contacts
This form is for completion by the Parent/Guardian of every child once they have been given a place at the school.
These forms can be downloaded here or will be sent out with the starter packs.