Online Payments

Newton Poppleford School & Little Popples Preschool

Online Payments – by electronic bank transfer, debit or credit card

  • Register / set up your account on the School Gateway:

  • Click on the ‘New User’ tab
  • Enter your email address and mobile phone number – they must be the same as you gave to us – and click on send PIN.
  • You should now receive a text message on your phone containing your PIN number. (You can change this to something more memorable to you as you enter the site.)
  • On the ‘Existing User’ tab enter your email address and PIN number and ‘Log In’
  • You should then see a screen similar to this one:
  • This screen should display which payment types are available for you to pay into. So, you could, for example, click into the lunch money tab and pay an amount for school meals. The lunch money tab will also show you a record of what lunches a child has eaten. You may see a default amount (e.g. £4.50 for dinner money), but you can increase this figure with whichever amount you wish to pay.
  • On your screen you may also see a twilight/breakfast club icon or a school trip icon
  • After entering your relevant payments please remember to click on the ’pay now’ button!
  • Please be aware that it may take 5 – 7 days for the payment to be deducted from your account; you may wish to make allowances for this. The School Gateway will give you a date after you have clicked on ‘pay’.