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Mr Moran, from The Kings School has provided some activities that can be enjoyed at home. 

During lockdown we have found a few links to YouTube that might be fun to try. These are for both KS1 and 2. They come from Mr Williams at Sidmouth College and were created for use in a back garden but can be done inside with little space or equipment.  

These challenges are not so much about completing them in a set time but about doing the exercise correctly. Try to set yourself a target time/number that you can beat tomorrow and then the day after.

1 The Squat Challenge

This is a simple challenge that students can do.  All students have to do is copy me!  When the song says “Sally down” you squat when it says “Sally up” students can come up.  Can students last the whole song?!      

2 The Plank Challenge                        

This is a tricky challenge which some may struggle with.  It is quite long and the timing is tricky.  Well at least I found it tricky!  Students have to do the plank and then the Cha Cha Slide.  “slide to the left, slide to the right” etc.        

3 The Skipping Challenge                    

This is easy to set up.  Can students skip 100 times?  Sounds easy but can students do it quickly?  If students are struggling divide it into sections or skip with family members to make it slower.

4 The Tennis Racket Challenge        

This is a fun challenge.  Do different activities while balancing or bouncing a ball on a Tennis racket.  Students can also adapt the activities or the equipment if they don’t have a racket and Tennis ball.    

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