Year 5 - Kites

Welcome to Year 5 Kites

and welcome to the Spring term. I will be teaching every day except for Wednesdays. During the week, we will be supported by Mrs Pollard, Mrs Wood, Mr Long, Mrs Fawcett as well as Mrs Dowsing in Adventure Island.

Each academic year throughout the school we all cover the same general topics.  

This term they will be:

Spring Term 1: History - The Vikings 

Spring Term 2: Geography - Climate Zones                 

Summer Term 1: History - The Victorians

Summer Term 2: Geography - Rainforest and the Amazon


PE: Below is the PE timetable for the year:

Spring 1: Monday (fitness) & Wednesday (dance)

Spring 2: Monday (golf) & Wednesday (orienteering)

Summer 1: Monday (netball) & Wednesday (volleyball)

Summer 2: Monday (rounders) & Wednesday (athletics)

PE this term will be on a Monday and Wednesdays. On both of these days, please can the children come to school in their PE kit, they will wear it all day.

School PE kit: 

  • White T-shirts 

  • Dark coloured shorts  

  • Leggings are acceptable when worn underneath shorts 

  • Dark coloured jogging bottoms may be worn in cold weather  

  • Trainers 

Please ensure your child's PE kit is labelled.   

Adventure Island

Our Adventure Island slot is on a Wednesday. As this now falls on a PE day, please can we ensure that children bring a spare pair of trousers and labelled wellies in a plastic bag.


All children must have a waterproof coat in school, as they will be going outside for breaktime and lunchtime (unless it is particularly bad weather or extremely sunny!) They must also bring in a water bottle every day. 

If possible, we are asking children to bring in their own pencil case to keep in school with pencils (HB), sharpener, an eraser, glue stick, whiteboard pen (medium nib or whichever your child is comfortable using), whiteboard eraser (matchbox-sized sponge is suitable) and a small assortment of coloured pencils or felt tips.  Please ensure that their items are labelled where possible. 


Children are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack for break-time.  

Home/school diary: 

Please can parents/guardians or pupils write in their home/school diary once they have read (it is important that the children are reading at home every day).   


Every fortnight the number of words read using accelerated reader are added up, and we have a competition with Year 6 to see who has read the most.  Year 5 won last year, we beat the whole school!

Parents/Guardians, if you would like to ask me any questions then please feel free to write these in the home/school diary. To help with pupil’s independence, I will be relying on the children to check their own books (rather than me checking 30 books each day). To help with this please let your child know if there are any notes you would like me to see. 

If your child is being picked up by someone other than yourself, please write this in their books, or list the adults they are allowed home with, in the front of the book. School policy requires that children will only be allowed home with a different adult, if you have given prior consent! Please ensure the school office also has these contact details. 

If you would like to talk to me, I am available at the end of the school day or you can book an appointment through the office.  

Kind regards, 


Mrs Bradley 

The teachers in all the classes have put together a document with lots of ideas and suggestions that will help you to support your child with their punctuation and grammar.